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Design your own jar using SolidWorks

In this blog, I would like to talk about some tips to design a jar in SolidWorks for a beginner. To design a simple jar in SolidWorks, we only need to use some basic features such as ...

Create Your Own Flexible Component (Part 2) : Basic Flexible Component

[A New Balloon Air Pump Design] Welcome! Here we are again! This is Part2 of Flexible component, for those who seeing this blog for the first time, you can go to the ...

Answers to commonly asked surface and advanced modelling problems (part 3)

In this blog you will find tools to remove unwanted surfaces or a few direct editing tools. And to save your file into separated part files and assembly. Sometime you might find unwanted ...

Customize Background for SOLIDWORKS Visualize

3D Environment: The software maps an HDRI onto a spherical environment that envelops models like a bubble 2D Backplate: Load a high r ...

Create Your Own Flexible Component (Part 1) : Introduction of Flexible Component

[A New Balloon Air Pump Design] “Flexible Component” is one of the new features in SolidWorks 2020. You can define part component as flexible to drive the geometry of flexibl ...

Make your design ‘Flex’ in Solidworks

Have you ever encountered a situation that you cannot create your desired model shape? If yes, you must learn to use this feature – flex. This feature is easy to use and can help you to cre ...

Great SOLIDWORKS evaluation tools for 3D printing

SOLIDWORKS is one of the best CAD software for designing 3D print model not just because of its convenience and parametric modeling, there are also a variety of evaluation tools assisting the ...

Online Licensing – Bring SOLIDWORKS back home

Working at home is becoming more common with the recent situation. Most likely for designer or engineer, you will also need to have SOLIDWORKS with you back home. ...

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